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Thank you everyone for joining. I would truly appreciate if you all would go follow the Totally Novel social links below and share with other writers or people in the field so they can join as well! I am offering free upgraded memberships for the first 25 members, so there's 9 spots left! Growing a community like this takes supportive awesome people. You guys are awesome!

<3 Sam

New Site, Who Dis?                                                                                                                                  11/3/2019

Starting something new is always nerve wracking. Putting myself out there with this site is no different. But I so desperately want a single space online where I find feedback, read tips, see where other people are, find writing contests and submissions, look for inspiration and share my writing that I have no other choice but to push on with finding and creating this website. 

I've decided to upgrade the first 25 members who sign up and give them the OG badge. This will give you access to exclusive blogs and future upgrades that are currently in the works! All you need to do it sign up for the free membership and if you're one of the first 25 people, you'll be upgraded by the end of the day! Simple as that. 

I am so excited to start sharing this space with all of you. If you have any question please reach out on the homepage's contact form.

<3 Sam

Happy Halloween Everyone!                                                                                                         10/31/2019

Today is the launch day of Totally Novel! I have been so excited for this site and the launch that I've been working non-stop on figuring this whole thing out. Since it is brand new please be sure to leave any feedback and make sure to follow me on the list of members! 

I created Totally Novel because it is something I've been missing since Google+ was shutdown. I used The Plus entirely for writing and it was an easy place for me to connect with others in the journey, find beta readers and talk shop. I haven't found anything worthy enough to take it's place. So I decided to create it! I am working with writers and people in the business to create exclusive content and blog posts specifically for Totally Novel. I'll also post popular articles, contests and submissions and other tidbits from around the webs so you can find all things writing in one place. My hope is to make this a writer's utopia. 

So please, sign up and get to chatting in the forums. If you want to keep updated on the blogs or other new features upgrade your membership to the paid monthly or yearly plan. If you'd like to contribute please reach out to totallynovel@gmail.com.

I am so excited to chat and for you to be part of this community!

<3 Sam