OmmWriter discount for Totally Novel Members


Get 30% off OmmWriter for Totally Novel Members!

I am so excited to offer 30% off the beautiful word processor, OmmWriter.

I am currently working on a review of this product and will update this once it is completed, but here is what I know so far:

OmmWriter has a very pretty layout. Simple in its use and non-distracting. It allows for music/ambiance, text sizing, full screen take over, type writer sounds and easy colored background changes. The only thing I'm unsure of is how to export the doc outside of OmmWriter without emailing it to yourself. It currently saves as an OmmWriter doc, but I am working with the company to find out how to save it as a word/text doc to easily translate for editing.

I will say that I do really love this product for drafting so far. It's very calming and allows space for me to just get the words on the paper. It might be a good tool to pick up before the fast drafting course that takes place on the 26th.

Here are the instructions to obtain the discount:

Go to:
Select "Get the New Version" on the home screen or "Get OmmWriter" on the left side menu
Fill out your information and select which version you'd like (PC or MAC)
Enter coupon code: Y5YZ955D to get 30% off
Download product

Let me know if you have any questions or issues! Also, I would love feedback on the product, discount and ease of getting the discount. Please email me at:

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